PALS Training and Certification Classes in Utah


PALS Training Classes & Certifications

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

Anyone who works with children can benefit from Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification. However, working PALS certification in Utah into your schedule shouldn’t be a challenge. You’re busy, which is why we’ve designed PALS certification and recertification to fit into your daily life. Our PALS certification program offers the latest research and techniques from the American Heart Association for CPR and ECC, so you can be assured that you’re receiving the most current information to protect and save the lives of the children in your life.

PALS certification offers a systematic approach to assessing situations, basic life support (BLS) specifically for children, various PALS treatment algorithms, approaches to the best resuscitation options for children, and a focus on working as a team. Better the quality of care you’re providing for children who are ill or injured, which will lead to better outcomes. PALS is an advanced training specifically for those who work regularly with children, although in some situations non-professionals may also benefit from this training.

What to Expect with PALS Certification in Utah

Every training scenario in PALS certification is realistic, featuring various clinical situations that inspire participation. Students have access to real patient videos as well as realistic simulations for a comprehensive training experience. The PALS unique assess-and-treat approach is created to quickly and safely treat pediatric patients in serious emergency situations. The students in PALS certification training enjoy hands-on learning to develop skill proficiency. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports the PALS program.

When signing up for PALS certification, students can look forward to the best in child CPR and AED training as well as Infant CPR. Learn how to understand which patients require immediate treatment while you develop triage skills as well. Students will also learn how to quickly recognize signs of cardiopulmonary arrest so that CPR can be applied in 10 seconds or less. Working as a team is critical in pediatric care, and PALS certification stresses this dynamic in order to achieve the best results. 

Utah PALS Details

PALS certification programs focus on how to tell the difference between respiratory failure and distress as well as early intervention techniques for both. Develop the knowledge to understand the difference between compensated and decompensated hypotensive shock along with treatments. Understanding the difference between stable and unstable patients with arrhythmias and the clinical traits of those who are not stable are also part of PALS certification.

Our PALS program is designed to be convenient, effective, and rich with information in a fun learning environment. Whether your company requires you to certify or recertify your PALS training or you work closely with at-risk children, PALS training offers both peace of mind and real-life skills that can save lives. Caring for children can be vastly different than working with adults, and there are differences in each age group. PALS certification gives you the knowledge you need to make a difference. Contact us today to schedule your PALS certification or to learn more about the program and many others available in Utah.