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CPR & First Aid Training Classes for Employees of a Child Care Center

Updated: Sep 28

CPR Training Utah is proud to be able to provide a CPR training class for the Global Cubs Child Care in West Valley City. The employees of the daycare center are from the countries of Liberia, Kenya, and Somalia. It is a pleasure to see these former refugees actually thriving in America because of the free enterprise system that we so often take for granted.

Child Care Workers Should Be Prepared

Everyone needs first aid training, but it's especially crucial for childcare workers, who are required to do it every two years in most states. Unintentional injuries, such as those caused by burns, drowning, falls, poisoning, and road traffic, are some of the biggest causes of death, the capacity to respond efficiently in an emergency is very important.

Onsite Training Classes for CPR and First Aid for Child Care Facilities

The first aid course can be done individually or in conjunction with the CPR course, and we provide the training at your location. Anyone who wants to be prepared for an emergency in any circumstance can take these courses.

To learn more or to schedule a class please feel free to fill out our contact form on the website or give us a call.

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