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Utah National Guard in West Jordan Gets CPR & PALS Training

Updated: Sep 28

In a variety of medical fields, as well as municipal, school, business, and even National Guards, certification in CPR is required. We provide educational classes to individuals and as well as group classes. Our onsite training courses are available to those in need of experienced CPR and PALS training classes.

Appropriate precautions were taken to protect them from germs. Masks were worn, nitrile gloves were available, pre-sanitized face pieces as well as individual valves for face masks used on mannequins.

All precautions were taken so that at no time did their mouths touch anything that hat been used by someone else. All equipment was sanitized immediately after.

If you would like to schedule a training class or individual training to get your certifications feel free to call (801) 298-3736 or fill out our website form and submit it. I look forward to scheduling a training with you!

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